• There's a moment when you find exactly the person you are looking for. A moment when you realize all those other dates you have been on have led you to this point in time. Your journey has ended ... Jenna Kennedy, where fantasy meets reality.
  • We each characterize perfection in our own way. And as our tastes mature, we find that it is in fact a moving target
  • So when you find yourself in the company of a confident, vivacious, and voluptuous lady such as Jenna, it is worth a pause to acknowledge that you may in fact have found the Holy Grail...
  • ... but one thing is for certain, time spent with her is more than just a memorable moment. It is a moment of reality that will give birth to many future fantasies.

Jenna Kennedy, Professional Escort.

Treat yourself to Jenna ... you deserve the experience.


Some of the real benefits of hiring a true professional is that they show up on time,are exactly as they portray themselves, and fully meet their commitments ...

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Not everyone treats your personal information as carefully as you might think. But Jenna is as discrete with your identity as she is with her own. You can take that one to the bank...

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The lady has curves in all the right places and is very much as you see here in these pictures. There is no bait and switch or heavily edited pictures. Prepare for "real"...

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Beyond anything that might happen on a date, most clients remember Jenna as being seriously great company. She holds an amazing conversation and brings far more to the table than just her time...

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Modesty Fails

It was all under control until the zipper gave way...

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Getting Excited

Waiting on a date can really test one's patience sometimes...

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Natural Support

Sometimes all the support a girl needs is in her own hands...

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That moment when they just break free and breathe unfettered...


"It was easy to lose track of time with Jenna. Two hours felt more like ten minutes. This young lady brings a lot to the table in helping to create a perfect Orlando evening. Next time I return, I know who I will be calling"
Jerry P, Birmingham, UK

"How do I describe a night with Jenna. Other than to say it was like no other I have ever experienced. Or likely will experience again."
Damien O'C, Dublin, Ireland

"When it got down to brass tacks, she delivered better than Santa ... all my Christmas' seem to come together."
Brad S, Chicago, IL

"If you have seen Jenna and have a reference you would like to add here, please email us about your experience and we will share your comments here."
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