Things worth considering when planning a date with Jenna...

Multi-hour Plan

The real benefit of a multi-hour date is that you can spend time relaxing and getting to know each other in a range of different environments. For example, on a Four Hour Date you should factor in where you will meet, a comfortable venue for dinner and drinks, or even a club with music. If you would like Jenna to plan the date, then give her a hit list of your likes and hates and let her piece together something that will make your date special and memorable.


If you are both going to be engaged in outdoor activities, you should consider what each you of will wear so that you look like a natural couple who belong together. Jenna prefers men that dress in comfortable style and she appreciates proper grooming and hygiene.

Time and Motion

Make sure that the booked time with Jenna is compatible with what you are planning on doing together. Too little time can result in a hurried encounter, although to date no client has ever complained of "too much time" with her. Just something worth considering.

Someone to consider