Things you need to know BEFORE booking a date ...


If you haven't already seen Jenna, please understand there is no way around this process. No amount of money will bypass the need to verify that you are who you say you are and that the arrangement if totally legitimate. You will need to provide Two Verifiable References that are directly contactable, that you have seen in the past six months. If you are a newbie and can't provide such references, there are other ways to complete this process. Be prepared to provide proof of identity, residence, and place of work . But do understand that Jenna will protect all such information received as if it were her own. Her standard process is to destroy such verification information immediately after your date. She has no interest in retaining it beyond then.


Compensation for Jenna should be made up front and is understood to be payment for her time with you. This means two things; Firstly it is not to be construed as an offer of any illegal act for monetary gain and anything intimate that does happen would merely be a byproduct of two consenting adults having a good time. Secondly it means that her time is of value and while she is definitely not a clock watcher, it is important to stay within the confines of the agreed date duration unless prior arrangement has been made and the compensation increased accordingly.


All communications and interactions between you and Jenna should be built on a foundation of respect and consideration. She will come to your date freshly showered and with good hygiene and you should also. If you treat her with respect throughout the date you will find that you get maximum enjoyment from the time spent with her. Less than respectful treatment or communications will be cause for immediate end of date..

Worth it ...